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The hallways are decorated with themes like Disney, Slumber Party, Massapequa Chiefs, and Twister. There is even going to be a Haunted House at the Main
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Massapequa , NY. Haunted House Cake Photo. I made this haunted house cake for my friend's daughter birthday. She was born on Halloween. When she saw the cake
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What kind of evil person are you? … refering to my home as Massapequa Hell House ..... Maybe your house is haunted by itself, just that you guys don't know,
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What kind of evil people are you? ... refering to my home as haunted (and refering to it as Massapequa Hell House , Satan House , etc.) ... this is not only
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Forgotten LI L- Where you come to see and learn of the wonderful forgotten Long Island History.
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17 Oct 2008 That building was haunted by Sarah, supposedly a young girl who ..... The house in Massapequa used to have the sidewalk painted black back
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Find Homes For Sale in Massapequa , NY. Search Massapequa , NY real estate listings You can also search homes for sale by property type, such as houses ,
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40 Harbor Lane, Massapequa Park NY 11762, Tel 516-799-0770 .... One of Long Island's most famous haunted houses holds their historic Halloween event.
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9 Apr 2008 Hell House, also known as The Satan House or The Witch House, is a private residence located somewhere in Massapequa , Ghost Ships · Ghost Videos · Haunted Hotels · Haunted Houses · Haunted Locations · Haunted Places
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One notorious haunted house is the Massapequa House on Long Island. Variously known as the Massapequa Hell House and the Massapequa Satan House,
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There were rumors about Mount Misery and that strange house in Massapequa (you know the one) where I grew up was pretty strange, but still, not haunted .
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30 Oct 2009 Massapequa Hell House : Ask the townies for directions There's a graveyard in the vicinity said to be haunted by her,
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25 Jun 2008 Last Name, 214 Daniel Road, Massapequa , NY 11758. First Name, The "Devil Worship House ". Born, Jan 1 1954. Career, Looked to as a haunted
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Amityville 2 miles away: When I went to Amityville a certain House that's kind of freaky has tour so Other haunted towns near Massapequa Park, New York: